🥇🏜️Top 5 Practical Desert Survival Tips

Have you ever envisioned yourself stranded in a desert? While these scenarios often remain within the realm of fantasy, the chance of experiencing the desert’s wrath firsthand at some point in your life cannot be completely dismissed. Your current knowledge and abilities may not suffice for desert survival. Without considerable luck, the odds of a rescuer finding you in such vast emptiness are slim. So, how does one manage to survive in the desert? In the paragraphs that follow, we will explore a number of crucial survival strategies on this topic.

1. Find a source of water

The first thing that you should search for while stranded in a big barren desert will be a water source. It is possible to get this much-needed water from various sources such as cactus, an oasis or even the soil. Among these, the best option will definitely be the oasis. In order to find an oasis, it is recommended to search for greenery in the desert and in case it is hard to find one then you can try to locate a highland which will definitely enhance your view. Be careful not to be cheated by any mirage. Your last option to find water will be the cactus but you must be careful since it would lead to diarrhea in case it is consumed while your stomach is empty.

2. Try to avoid the sunshine

Make it a point to travel during the night if possible. Our biggest enemy, while we are in the desert, is the sun and we should try our best to avoid it. It is prudent to cover your body with anything that you can find. You are going to lose your energy very quickly in case you’re exposed to the sunshine for a considerable period of time which will reduce your ability to move forward. However, traveling at night can be quite dangerous because of the presence of the deadly desert creatures such as scorpions, snakes, lizards and so on.

3. Do not consume all the water at once

It will be justified to spend your resources using the appropriate strategy. In case you feel thirsty, do not drink all the water that you have and only take a couple of sips. Try to figure out how much water you should drink depending on your level of dehydration. Be very stingy while using your resources because the water that you may find in the desert might not be ideal for drinking.

4. Try fasting

Make an endeavor to consume less quantity of food since the more you eat the thirstier you will be. Bear in mind that it is possible to survive without food for a much longer time than we can even think of. Therefore eat a small portion of food whenever you feel hungry.

5. Do not panic

Always try to keep your cool. Try to evaluate your difficulty calmly and make plans for your next moves. One of the most dangerous aspects of any type of survival situation will be to become panicky. Unless you comprehend precisely where you are, try to remain in the same place till you are rescued or you have a better idea regarding which particular direction to proceed.

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