🥇🥫10 Best Survival Foods At Your Local Supermarket

Be sure to stockpile at least 6 months worth of food items from your local supermarket when disaster hits and you need to rely on your own pantry for a long period of time.


Can you face surviving without the comfort of some strong coffee brewing in the background? Being able to drink some hot tea and coffee has a psychological effect on one’s sense of well-being and can help melt the hours of waiting away. This includes tea, coffee, sugar, powdered milk, powdered soft drink sachets, and bottled water.


You have just cooked your pasta on your tiny gas stove to discover it is as tasteless as cardboard. So what do you do? You reach for the salt and perhaps some other spices too. Please do not forget these items off your list while rushing out the supermarket on your way to the wilderness.


Lifespan: 2 – 5 years
There are no words to describe how precious a commodity canned goods are in times of disaster. By far, these are the items you want to make sure you have plenty of … depending on what type of food you prefer of course.

  • FISH: tuna, sardines, salmon
  • MEATS: meatballs, beef, pork, chicken
  • SOUP: too many too mention
  • VEGETABLES: either just the vegetable or a vegetable dish such as ratatouille
  • FRUIT: do not underestimate the power of delicious pear halves & syrup to lighten up the dreary days


What can be more amazing to enjoy on a dark day with no electricity, than delicious grilled bread. You could use any type of flour such as white or whole wheat flour. And what is the easiest and fastest food item to cook up? Pasta, of course. Stock up on lots of pasta!


Shelf Life: 8 years at 70 degrees, sealed, no oxygen (no outer shell)
These include barley, oats, quinoa, rye. Oats is the perfect grain for daily breakfast meals. A must-have item for disaster days.


Shelf Life: Up 12 – 25 years (hard outer shell)
Choose from buckwheat, dry corn, kamut, hard red wheat, soft white wheat, millet, durum wheat or spelt.


Shelf Life: 8 years (keep away from oxygen and light)
Beans are an excellent source of a variety of nutrients but especially protein. It fills the tummy faster than you can say … beans! Choose from the following list: pinto, kidney, lima, adzuki, garbanzo, mung, black turtle, blackeye, lentils


Shelf Life: Up to 2 years
Coconut oil: using this as a cooking oil or additional nutrient source will do wonders for your health during your survival days.


Peanut butter – do we need to list any other spread? Peanut butter is the King of all spreads. And his Queen? A tin of fruity jam, of course.


Have you ever gone through an afternoon when a sudden craving for something sweet hits you which results in a desperate hunt through each and every cupboard. Don’t do this to yourself. Be prepared and purchase enough hard candy that will ease your sugar cravings.

Careful planning ahead of time will ensure that you have prepared your home for any unexpected disastrous events. Take some time to put your food list together, and head off to the supermarket as soon as you can. Learn more at The Lost Ways Book Review

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