Survival 101: Top 5 Reasons Why An Axe Is the Best Wilderness Survival Tool

One of the best survival tools that every outdoor enthusiast or even an ordinary person would want to have on every wilderness camping trip would be an axe. This handy tool has been used for a long time, even mentioned in the history books of how unique and necessary it is for survival.

As the years pass, rising developments for the modern-day axe have become a convenient, light, and reliable tool, especially for outdoor survival trips. It is known for its versatility in terms of various uses.

With that said, bringing an axe inside your survival kit for your next camping trip is sure to come in handy. You’ll never know when a trip outdoors could go wrong, for example, getting tangled up in a sturdy wild tree branch while hiking or cutting down small logs for fire when you’re stranded in the jungle.

It’s essential to keep in mind that modern-day axes have produced multiple types for specific tasks. We have prepared this article with five reasons why an axe is the best wilderness survival tool and how you can use them in the great outdoors.

1.   All in One Tool for Building Shelter

Imagine yourself having to spend the night in the jungle after getting lost on your way from your hike. Whether it’s augmenting your tent or building a temporary shelter, an axe shows peak versatility in usage.

By properly holding and applying the right strength onto the axe handle, you can use the tool as an alternative to a hammer, pounding the back end onto tent hooks or branches for a sturdy hold. Chopping isn’t the only thing the axe is useful for, as it is an all in one construction tool for survival.

2.   Provides Protection

By now, everyone knows that having an axe in your outdoor kit also offers you protection—the same functionality as how our great ancestors have used it throughout history. Moreover, the trusty tool provides both offensive and defensive usage when being placed in a dire situation.

Many possible situations outdoors could put you in a troubled state, such as encountering a mountain lion during your hike or a bear sniffing around your tent area. The axe will come in handy for these types of emergencies.

Easy to wield and strong enough to be used in mid to long-range combats during risky outdoor scenarios. Always keep the hunter mindset instead of being the prey.

3.   Excellent Hunting Tool

As we have mentioned above, the axe is also a weapon for protection. Moreover, the tool serves as a reliable hunting weapon for your next meal.  When you’re outdoors, you need all the protein that you can get to keep your energy running.

Axes can cut bone, hard shells, and more. Additionally, one must also be well-trained to have the strength and energy to accomplish these. Always keep yourself in proper shape before planning a trip outdoors. It’s always better to be prepared than being sorry.

4.   Easy to Build Fire

One of the most common uses of an axe is to chop wood. When you’re out in the wilderness, and you want to set up camp, looking for firewood is on the top of your priority. Fire is essential when you’re camping, may it be for keeping you cool, cooking food or providing SOS for nearby emergencies.

Nothing boosts morale more than being able to build a fire. By using an axe, you can chop through any timber to quickly stock up on supplies for when you need to light a bonfire. With enough strength, you can chop as much firewood as you need for the upcoming hours or days of your stay in the wilderness.

5.   Area Clearance

One of the worst scenarios that could happen in your trip to the outdoors is getting lost. Your survival instincts are put to the test at this point. When you need an area for shelter, you have to scavenge your surroundings for a good clearing. However, most of the time, that isn’t the case, as the wilderness is overflowing with untouched nature.

Use your handy axe tool to clear away the dried branches, bushes, and many more to get started on building your shelter. Using your bare hands to get the job done can be a hassle and may also leave you getting pricked when not careful.

An emergency axe tool can finish the job efficiently and get you a nice, clear area to start your temporary shelter.


The wilderness grants many opportunities for travel junkies and nature lovers to explore and indulge in the sights. However, when situations such as getting stranded or lost in the wilderness happen, one’s survival instincts are always tested. One handy survival companion that you need is a trusty axe tool, and if you think you never needed one, then let this article be why you should buy one for yourself today.


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