🥇🥫Top 10 Best Emergency Survival Foods

Disasters are part of life and there is no telling when one is likely to come. One of the best known survival strategies during catastrophic events is to have proper knowledge of the kinds of emergency survival foods that you can stockpile to last you through the disaster period. The following is a list of the Top 10 Best that you always need to have in your custody in case of a catastrophic event:

1. Dried Beans

These include black beans, pinto beans, lima beans, and kidney beans, among others. These beans are rich in calories and reasonable amounts of proteins per serving. They also contain a number of essential minerals and vitamins. They also have a long shelve life and can stay in good order in different environments. They are also quite affordable.

2. Canned Meat

These include tuna, chicken, and ham, just to name a few. Canned meat is excellent when it comes to storage and can last from 6 -10 years without going bad. They are also a rich source of protein.

3. Pasta

Pasta is a great source of carbohydrates. It is easy to store because it is light in weight. It has a reasonable shelf life, and can last up to 5 years if stored in ideal conditions. In addition, it is relatively cheap than most other foods. However, it takes up more storage space when compared to other foods, including rice. It is therefore important that you set aside enough storage space for this particular food item.

4. Rice

Rice is one of the most important emergency survival foods. It can stay for about 10 years in good conditions if stored properly. It is a rich source of carbohydrates, which are very essential especially where people need to use a lot of energy during emergency situations. In addition, it is quite affordable and readily available in many food stores.

5. Peanut Butter

This food item is packed with lots of essential oils and protein, as well as several important vitamins and minerals. In case you choose peanut butter as one of your emergency survival foods, ensure that you only buy ‘natural’ brands that contain no sugar and additives. This is because they are the best for good health. A few tablespoons of peanut butter can help you survive for a considerable amount of time while taking only a little food.

6. Dried Nuts

Nuts can be easily stored and have a shelf life of about one year. They are rich in calories and nutrients, including proteins and fatty acids. For this reason, they are very ideal as emergency foods for survival.

7. Cornmeal

This is one of the most essential foods that you can store for emergency situations. It is rich in carbohydrates and also contains oil, which is essential for helping extend its shelf life. It can be used to easily prepare various types of foods, including corn bread and biscuits, among others.

8. Sugar (White and Brown)

If sugar is properly stored, it can last for 10 or more years. It is essential for providing flavor and calories to a survival diet. In addition, you can choose to store honey because it does not go bad at all.

9. Salt

This is a valuable food item in times of catastrophes. It can help in food storage, adding flavor to meals, as well as curing beef, which are all essential in times of disasters. Additionally, salt will stay in good condition for ever.

10. Energy Bars and Chocolate Bars

Energy bars are nowadays readily available for all tastes. The best ones should ideally be rich in calories, proteins, as well as other essential vitamins and minerals. On the other hand, chocolate bars are a quick source of energy and are also known to help boost morale. They are also rich in calories.

These are the Top 10 Best Emergency Survival Foods that you always need to have in your custody all the time. Learn more at Lost Ways Review

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